Goals Got You Stressed?? This is Why…

Goals Got You Stressed?? This is Why…

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Do you have goals in your life that just seem to create more stress than happiness in your life?  

The stress that comes from having these goals in your life is so distracting that you decide that you are done with having these goals so you toss them to the wayside.  Yet, almost at the very moment you start to toss these goals to the wayside, you find yourself wanting to take those goals right back, almost like tossing these goals away is a mistake!

What a conflict! Have you ever found yourself in this exact scenario?  You can’t stand the distraction and stress that comes from having these goals, yet you can’t get rid of them?

What are you supposed to do?

Well, there is a reason why you have stress associated with these goals and why you can’t just let them go.

To help you understand this conflict from the right perspective, let’s go through a little exercise called the Genie Exercise.

I want you to visualize for a moment that you have a lamp, you know the kind from Aladdin’s story, the one that if you rub it, a Genie with the power to grant you any wish you want comes out.  You now have this all powerful Genie in front of you. The Genie says to you that he will grant you one wish and it can be anything that you want. The only rules that he gives you is that you can’t wish for more wishes and you can’t wish for something that would take away someone else’s free will.  

Really imagine that this Genie is right there in front of you.  He tells you that you now have 10 seconds to make your wish before he vanishes away never to be seen again!

Now, without any self judgement, what is the first thing that comes to your mind of what you would wish for?  Is it a new home? Is it unlimited money? Is it for a certain physical issue to be healed? What is it that you first thought of once given this question of what you would wish for?

If you happened to answer with some wish that is an external wish, like money, or a health issue to be healed, so something of the like, then you now have the answer to the question I posed at the beginning of this post.  

If you first answered the Genie question with an external wish (like money, etc) then you are actually causing your own stress with your goals!  

When your main goals in life are connected with an outside expectation or experience, then that actually puts stress and strain on your mind.  When you have the main goal of achieving something that is outside of yourself, you actually switch a little switch in your brain to the stress setting.  You then start living each day in stress because you have switched your brain to stress mode.

Do you enjoy living in stress mode?  Do you love having stress connected to your goals in life?

If you want to switch your brain into success and relaxation mode, then all you have to do is take your goals that are causing that stress and turn them into desires.

How do you turn your goals into desires?

Simply put, changing a goal into a desire is all about taking that thing or those things you want to experience in your life (more money, better health, etc, etc, etc), keep them as something that you want and desire to happen for you, then hand them over to your Higher Power.  Handing them over means that even though you really want to experience this thing or these things, you are willing to give them up if they actually aren’t for your higher good. Handing them over means that you can be and will be happy even if these things don’t happen for you.

You may be saying right now, “But if I don’t have any goals, then I won’t have direction in my life?” or “But if I give up my goals, then how can I be happy/joyful/fulfilled?”

The answer to those questions is that the real goal your mind really wants for you, the real goal that will turn your stress switch to the success and relaxation setting is setting a goal to attain internal state in your life rather than an external state.

Having a goal for an internal state of joy, peace and love in your heart and mind is the kind of goal that will automatically switch your mind to a state of relaxation, love, and success.  Focusing more on having an internal state of joy, peace, and love in your heart and mind will enable you let go of the stress around your external goals and live a life that is full of energy, which will then empower you to create positive external circumstances that would have been impossible for you to achieve otherwise.  

Starting today, choose to change your current goals in to desires by handing them over to your Higher Power and begin turning your focus on finding those internal states of joy, peace and love.  You may find that you want some help doing this. As always, there is help and all you have to do is ask. My team and I are ready to help you through the process of letting go and moving forward into achieving those internal states of joy, peace and love.  You don’t have to do it all alone. Help is there for you, right this moment. Book a free call with our team and let us help you switch your stress switch to success and love. Book your call right here: www.mypowercompass.com/apply.  I promise it will be worth every minute.  

Your friend and mentor,

Dr. Joe Kepo’o

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