Depressed of living the same thing over and over??

Depressed of living the same thing over and over??

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Who here remembers that movie Groundhog’s Day?  If you haven’t ever seen the movie, let me give you a quick overview.  One character in the movie ends up getting stuck in this never ending cycle of having to live the exact same day over and over and over again.  He tries to change over and over again to change the events of the day, but ends up waking up to the exact same day. The same thing happens each day; the same people, the same conversations, the same experiences continue to happen over and over again and the character that is stuck in the looping day just can’t seem to get things to change.  At certain points in the movie, the character ends up going crazy, then experiences becoming completely apathetic to life, and then eventually decides to say the heck with it and robs a money truck!

Can you relate to this movie and story in your life?  Do you feel like you are living in a never ending, looping day?  Do you feel like the same thing seems to happen everyday, the same events happening over and over again?  The same people continue to be the same people day in and day out? Does your life just seem like it will never change and looks like it will be the same for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!????

Getting suck in a rut like this can lead to feelings of apathy, low to no motivation, depression, sorrow, and anger just to name a few.  Are you experiencing any of the before mentioned feelings and emotions because of living in your own Groundhog’s Day?

If you can relate to everything I just mentioned, then  it’s time to get out of your rut!

Getting out of a rut in your life is actually easier than you may think.  The number one thing that is keeping you stuck in a rut in your life is awareness.  Lack of awareness will keep you stuck in doing, seeing, experiencing the same ol’ life over and over again.  So, if you want to change what your experiencing in your life, start with creating greater awareness in your life.  What does that mean?

There are two things that you must become more aware of in your life…

First, you have what’s called your perception of life. You were born with it, and it is like a weed that has grown over the course of your life.This weed will overpower your dream of getting out of that rut,  IF YOU LET IT.

And secondly, you’ve got to make sure that you have a dream or goal in your that is something you really want! If it’s just something you think you can do, but you’re not really excited about it, you’re going to have a hard time focusing on it and you won’t have the motivation to get out of that rut.

Think about it. You don’t have a hard time focusing on something you really want. Do you remember the first time you fell in love?  Every place you looked, that person would be in your mind. You would look at your potatoes and there that person was!

‘In love’ means ‘in harmony with.’ That’s the way you’ve got to be with your dream. You’ve got to fall in love with it!

Now, to give your dream or goal deeper roots, you have to make up your mind that there’s no way you’re going to let your perception overpower it. You’ve got to say, “This is NOT going to happen! Not this time. I’m going to keep building my dream and I’m going to overpower the perception. I’m going to change the perception into the dream.”

Then, you do some work every day. You visualize, write your dream on your vision board and look at it with feeling several times a day, and see yourself as already having the goal.

When your discipline starts to dissipate, say, “No way! I am not going to permit that to happen. This is not going to remain a wish. I am not going to permit this dream to die anymore.”

When you make up your mind that you’re not going to let circumstances derail you, the whole world shifts…

Your work stops feeling like work because you’re doing what you love. And you move into a state of mastery. You learn how to master your emotions and take control of yourself. You learn how to build a concept, plan and respond to all the nonsense that’s going on. In other words, you learn how to think and how to execute your plan.

After you’ve done it once, you’ll know that you can do it over and over again. You’ll know that when you hold the right vision, you’re on a winning path where there is no stuck.

So if you’re feeling stuck, it’s YOU that is stuck. It’s not the conditions or circumstances. It’s not other people. It’s not the system. It’s not your bank account. You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution.

Listen, this is your life and you’re the only one who can change it. So make a stand for yourself and your dream right here, right now.  Get out of that rut!!!

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Your friend and mentor,

Dr. Joe Kepo’o

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