❤Stuck in the Past…3 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck❤

❤Stuck in the Past…3 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck❤

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The past has got you down.  

Your past is keeping you stuck.  

You identify with your past as if it were your only option.  

Your past is your present and your future; there is nothing you can do about it!

Do you have days that feel like what I just described?  Do you find that your past has more hold on your progression (or non progression) in life than your desires and dreams for the future?  Maybe you have even felt that your past has such a hold on your present that you can’t even get past what’s in front of you at this moment!  

The past can seem like a lurking bomb that continues to hang over our heads, waiting to drop at any given time, ready to ruin our current dreams and desires.

So what do most of us do when we feel that impending doom of our past hanging over our heads?  We hold back, never really experiencing life to the fullest, fearing that that bomb could go off at the most inconvenient moment.  Or we continue to see each and every event in our lives as a repeat of our past, feeling that we live a never ending cycle of the same old – same old every single day.

Can we really get past our past when it has such a grip on our lives?

I’m here to let you know that there is hope!  There is a way to get past our past, no matter what we did or what happened to us.  We can beat that feeling of impending doom and we can break the cycle of repeating the past each and every day of our lives.  

I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t easy, but it is totally worth it!!!

So, where do we start?  The best place to start is to begin with the relationships in your life.  Most of our past is held in the relationships we have had in our past. We hold ourselves captive in our past because of the things that we didn’t say or didn’t express to certain people from our past.  Those things we never expressed unknowingly hold us captive to our past, like a rope tied tight around our waist (or around our throats in some cases!) keeping us anchored to that person or situation from the past.  We can have many of these “cords” keeping us tied to the past, really never able to move forward to a new experience in life.

The question is then, how do we identify these “cords” and once we identify them, how to we let go once and for all?  Here are 3 simple steps to finding those “cords”, letting go and then getting the momentum you need to start creating a new experience with your life.

Step 1: Make a list of every single person that you feel has to blame for your current state of life, or you feel has made you feel resentful of ever knowing them, or you regret the situation that happened with them.

Don’t hold back with the list!  Just start writing down names, even if you think you have forgiven them or that they just aren’t a concern of yours anymore.  It could take you several days to make this list. There is no set rule for how long it could take, but be sure to not get stuck on this step. Make your list, then get on to the next step.

Step 2: Starting with the very first person on your list, write out ALL your feelings and thoughts you have about this person or the situation you had with this person on a sheet of paper.  Again, don’t hold back! Write down every single thing that you wish you could say to this person or could have said to this person or could have said in this situation. If it feels too mean to write down or it seems unfair to that person to write it down, WRITE IT DOWN!!  The longer you keep those feelings and thoughts in your head, the longer it will take for you to move forward in life, and eventually all these things you never expressed could cause you physical harm in way of some mystery illness that is being caused by the backup of emotion and stress in your body.  Again, express yourself fully, using as much paper as you need to fully express yourself.

Step 3:  Once you have fully expressed yourself, take that paper and destroy it!  Burn it, shred, it, throw it away with emotion, whatever you need to do to physically feel like you are fully letting go of everything you just wrote down.  Once the paper is completely destroyed to your liking, forgiveness must follow. Yes, I know this will most likely be the hardest part of this process, but it will also be the most healing part of this process.  Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and find it in your heart and mind to forgive this person or situation. If you can’t do it right away, that is totally okay. Give yourself some time to let what you have written process.  Then, after a few days, check in and see if you can feel that forgiveness. If not, you probably have more to write. Go ahead and do it! Start back at step 1 and go through the process and see what happens in the end.

Forgiveness is what will help us all finally let go of our past and move forward with power and joy.  Use the above process with each person on your list. Take your time if you need. Do this process with one person or several people in one day.  Just remember this is not a race to the finish. Be complete with each person and situation so that you can be complete with your past.

If you feel that need to some extra support and help with this process, let us be that support and help you are looking for.  My team and I are ready to help, just a simple phone call away. If you want to take us up on that offer, book your free 60 minute clarity call right here: www.mypowercompass.com/apply. We will get on the call and help you find the clarity you are looking for in moving past you past and empowering yourself for the future.  If it happens that we are a fit for each other in further supporting you and your life, then we can talk about that too during our call.

You don’t have to identify with you past anymore and you don’t have to hold back in experiencing life the way you were meant to!  Start the process of healing today with the simple 3 step process and just watch the miracles open up in your life.

Your friend and mentor,

Dr. Joe Kepo’o   

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