How to STOP Taking Things so Personal!!

How to STOP Taking Things so Personal!!

December 3, 2018 Uncategorized 0

I want to know just one thing to start off our topic today; do you take things too personal in your life?

I mean, do you find that when that person cuts you off in traffic you get so angry and you totally KNOW that the person did it on purpose?

Or maybe you find yourself feeling judged by the people in your workplace and you just KNOW that they are looking at you and judging you for your lifestyle choices, clothes, hair do, etc…

Or  maybe you are having a conversation with a loved one, but you can’t focus on the conversation because you just KNOW that he/she is not listening or not being truthful or not being….

I think you get the point.  Taking things personally or what I like to call suffering from the “mind reader syndrome” really can get in the way of most if not all relationships in your life.

All this anger, judgement, and mind reading stiffles the loving, supportive relationships you want to  create. All the anger, judgment, and mind reading gets in the way of you creating the amazing life you are trying to create.  All this anger, judgement and mind reading is keeping you from experiencing life the way you really should be experiencing it.  

Where in your life do you feel you are taking things too personal?  Where do you find yourself “mind reading” and THINKING you know exactly what other people are thinking?  Where have you been struggling in your life (money, relationships, health, etc) and wonder why things just aren’t changing for the better?  

If you found yourself answering the above questions with situations that have been causing hurt and pain for you and your loved ones, then I think you can see that it’s time for some change.  

“But where do I start?” This is the most common question I come upon when working with clients.  Here are two places to start

  1. Stop reading people’s minds!!  Okay, this sounds pretty obvious, but many of us go about each day THINKING for other people rather than for ourselves.  What happens when we think for another person? We end up living a life full of what we think others are thinking of. You would probably agree with me that most of the thoughts that you think others are thinking do not fit in with the type of life you are wanting to live.  An unknown author once wrote, “When you’re 20 you care what everyone thinks, when you’re 40 you stop caring what everyone thinks, when you’re 60 you realize no one was ever thinking about you in the first place” Let’s move forward with this mind reading trick and let go of what you think others are thinking.  This will enable you to move forward with your life, thinking your own thoughts rather than thinking for others
  2. Ask yourself this one simple question, “Is this something I really need to take personally?”  Another step that probably seems like a no brainer, but most of us don’t ever stop to question ourselves and our intentions with how we want to react to a situation in our lives.  Most of us have been programmed to react rather than question. If you can take this one step and start questioning every situation that you are about to take personally, life really starts to open up to a whole new world.  Asking this simple question allows you to start reprogramming your brain and mind to stop and reconsider another way rather than just reacting like you have in the past. This reprogramming then allows you to start seeing greater opportunities to transform your life for the better.  

So next time you are about to take something personal, take a moment to feel grateful that this situation gives you an opportunity to stop and consider your own thoughts and your own feelings.  You will find that your life’s stress level will begin to decrease and your happiness level will begin to increase.

If you see this pattern in your own life and this pattern has been affecting your happiness and stress levels, gaining clarity on what steps to take for your own situation is another great place to start.  IF you are feeling like you need some extra help gaining clarity, AND you are ready for some support and help, THEN book a FREE 60 minute clarity call with our team and we will help you get the clarity you are searching for.  Book your call right here:

Your friend and mentor,

Dr. Joe Kepo’o

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