Totally Freaked Out by Change!!

Totally Freaked Out by Change!!

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Change is good…once it happens!

What areas of your life do you wish would change but aren’t?  Is it with your health? Is it with your income? Is it with a particular relationship in your family?  Maybe it has to do with something from all the above.

Unfortunately, for many of us, change seems to be a never ending chase!  In fact, you may have even been in a place where you have done so many things to hopefully create change, yet change just won’t happen.  Maybe you have tried that new diet for weight loss, and you just gain more weight while on that super strict diet. Or maybe you have taken the time to go through therapy with your loved one, and yet the same patterns of struggle and conflict continue “as usual.”  Maybe you have experienced going through some wonderful program that is suppose to help you increase your income, yet once things are all said and done, nothing has changed with your finances.

Does this mean that the diet plan, the income plan, or the therapy didn’t work?  Most of the time the answer is NO! A proven method, program, or therapy will work for you, IF there isn’t any resistance to change in that area of your life.  

So how do you know if you have resistance to change in your life or what I like to call Resistance Syndrome?  

If you have ever said to yourself, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works” or “Why won’t my life change, I’m doing the best I can” or “Nothing is ever going to work for me,” than I can guarantee that you have some level of Resistance Syndrome in your mind.  

Resistance Syndrome is something that most of us deal with day in a day out.  Resisting or avoiding change can come from multiple sources, but two main reasons for resistance to change comes from the following:

  1. Past family patterns of resistance
  2. Fear of success

Past Family Patterns of Resistance:

Can you identify any patterns of family resistance from your past?  Do you remember seeing your father or mother or guardian resist having good things in their life? Maybe you remember hearing your mother say things like, “we just can’t afford that” or “that’s too expensive” or various types of language like that.  It may have been true that your family couldn’t afford that thing at that time, but in all reality, if you really couldn’t afford something, yet really, really, REALLY wanted that thing, you would find the money to get it, right? The real reason behind that saying of “we can’t afford it” was just another example of Resistance Syndrome coming into play.  Stop for a moment and think to yourself, “Where have I seen resistance in the language of my family, or even myself?” This question will do wonders for your life!

Fear of success:

It probably sounds totally silly to you that someone could be afraid of being successful, but you may be able to relate with the fear of success if you were to stop for just one moment and ask yourself, “What success am I afraid of having in my life?”  I have heard many people tell me that they were too afraid to make a certain amount of money because they might be seen as greedy to their friends and family. Or maybe they were afraid to start that dream business because they might become greedy. Or they were too fearful of losing weight because then they might become to physically enticing to another person and then they would end up cheating on their significant other.  These are all real reasons for being afraid of success. Can you relate to any that I just shared? Do you have any of your own? Take a moment and ask yourself, “Where in my life am I totally afraid to succeed? Why am I afraid to succeed?” This question will open your mind to a deeper understanding to why you keep resisting success in your life.

Change helps us become better people and it helps us step out of our comfort zone.  Yet, how many times do you find yourself resisting change in your life? How often do you see an opportunity for change in your life, maybe with your income, your relationships, your health, yet you decide to delay making that change?  Or maybe to decide that that change really isn’t what you want (even though deep down inside it really IS what you want!)

If you happen to be stuck in ANY area of your life, and you want to to see some change happen RIGHT NOW, then start by taking a step back and ask, “Where am I resisting change in this area of my life?”  Take note of what you learn after asking this question and then take action towards that which you are afraid to do! Until you take action, nothing will change in your life and life will just continue to happen TO you rather than FOR you.  

Resisting positive, transformative change in your life doesn’t have to be a struggle!  IF you happen to be in a place of wanting to find clarity in what you are resisting, AND you are ready to ask for help, my team and I are ready to help!  Until you take action somewhere in your life, nothing will change, so let us help you take action by getting on a free clarity call. This call will definitely open your mind to seeing what you are resisting and how to take effective action on finally getting that change you have been searching for.  Book your call right here:

Have a wonderful and energy rich day today.  Go get that change!!

Your friend and mentor,

Dr. Joe Kepo’o


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